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New Hero Search Charles Linson Brown Jr. - Jul. 05, 1973 (20629)

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FBI Badge
Resided: TX, USA
Born: Unk  
Fallen: Jul. 05, 1973
Race/Sex: Caucasian Male / 46 yrs. of age
Dept: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW  
Washington D.C., DC   20535-0001   USA
County: DC
Dept. Type: Federal/Police
Hero's Rank: Special Agent
Sworn Date: Unk
FBI Class: Traffic Accident
Weapon Class: Vehicle
Agency URL: Click Here
On The Job: 19 years
Bio: Not Available
Fatal Incident Summary
Offender: No Info
Location: TX   USA   Thu. Jul. 05, 1973
Summary: At approximately 6:15 p.m., Special Agent Charles L. Brown was in Lufkin, Texas, investigating the reported theft of a saddle. Brown was driving his F.B.I. car northbound in the 1100 block of Timberland Drive [U.S. Hwy. 69] toward the residence of the person he was going to interview. A gasoline truck was driving southbound on the six lane highway. A station wagon driven by a woman with children in the vehicle passed the gasoline truck and immediately changed lanes in front of the truck, then braked sharply to make a right turn. The truck driver applied his brakes and turned left to avoid the station wagon. The truck driver lost control and overturned across all three lanes of northbound traffic. Brown was attempting to stop when he slid into the side of the gasoline truck, his driver's door was up against the truck. The gasoline from the truck leaked out, then ignited. A nearby gas station attendant attempted to rescue Brown but was unable to get the locked passenger door open. Brown died at the scene of the accident.

Brown was survived by his wife, a son, his mother, a brother and two sisters. He is buried in the Hallsville Cemetery, Harrison County, Texas.

Source: Website      Click
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