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New Hero Search Russel Timoshenko
- Jul. 14, 2007 -

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New York City Police Dept. Patch
Resided: NY, USA
Born: Unk  
Fallen: Jul. 14, 2007
Race/Sex: Caucasian Male / 23 yrs. of age
Dept: New York City Police Dept.
1 Police Plaza Path  
New York, NY   10038   USA
County: New York
Dept. Type: Municiple/Police
Hero's Rank: Officer
Sworn Date: Unk
FBI Class: Homicide - Gun
Weapon Class: Firearm
Agency URL: Click Here
Badge: 25169
On The Job: 1 years
Bio: Not Available
Fatal Incident Summary
Offender: No Info
Location: NY   USA   Sat. Jul. 14, 2007
Summary: Officer Russel Timoshenko succumbed to gunshot wounds inflicted five days earlier when he and his partner made traffic stop.

The two officers were on patrol when they spotted a suspicious vehicle. A check of DMV records revealed that the license plate on the vehicle belonged to another vehicle. The officers conducted a traffic stop at the corner of Lefferts and Rogers Avenues, in Brooklyn. Unknown to the officers, the vehicle they had stopped was stolen.

Officer Timoshenko approached the vehicle from the passenger side as his partner approached from the driver's side. As they drew near the car, one suspect opened fire with a .45 caliber handgun, striking Officer Timoshenko twice in the face. Another suspect opened fire on his partner with a 9mm handgun, striking him in the arm and chest. That officer was saved by his bullet resistant vest. Despite his wounds, he was able to return fire and radio his location and a description of the vehicle to fellow officers.

Members of the Brooklyn South Homicide squad, who were in the area investigating an unrelated case, arrived on the scene within seconds and rushed Officer Timoshenko to Kings County Hospital.

The suspects fled, but ditched their vehicle about five blocks from the shooting scene, leaving behind their .45 caliber handgun, 9mm handgun, and a loaded 9mm TEC-9. Investigators were able to lift a fingerprint from a box of chicken left in the vehicle, which led to the arrest of the driver the following day.

Two days later, detectives from the New York City Police Department, along with members of the Pennsylvania State Police, United States Marshals Service, and several other agencies, arrested both suspects on I-80 in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

All three suspects were charged with Aggravated Murder and other charges related to the murder of Officer Timoshenko and the wounding of his partner.

In December 2008 one suspect was found guilty of Aggravated Murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The second suspect was found not guilty of Aggravated Murder, but found guilty of Criminal Possession of a Weapon. The trial of the third suspect ended in a mistrial, but he was convicted of Aggravated Murder in a second trial and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

At his funeral, which was attended by over 30,000 people, Officer Timoshenko was posthumously promoted to the rank of Detective by the Mayor of New York City. In June 2008 he was posthumously awarded the New York City Police Department's Medal of Honor.

Officer Timoshenko had served with the New York City Police Department for 1 12 years and was assigned to the 71st Precinct. He is survived by his parents.

On June 7, 2009, Trooper Joshua Miller of the Pennsylvania State Police, who along with other members of his agency assisted members of the New York City Police Department in the capture of two of the men who killed Police Officer Russell Timoshenko was shot and killed while pursuing a kidnapping suspect in Coolbaugh Township, Pennsylvania.

Source: Website      Click
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