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New Hero Search Eric Wayne Mumaw
- Feb. 02, 2017 -

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Metro Nashville TN Police Dept. Patch
Resided: TN, USA
Born: Jul. 22, 1972  
Fallen: Feb. 02, 2017
Race/Sex: Caucasian Male / 44 yrs. of age
Dept: Metro Nashville Police Dept. - TN
200 James Robertson Parkway  
Nashville, TN   37201   USA
County: Davidson
Dept. Type: Municipal/Police
Hero's Rank: Officer
Sworn Date: Unk
FBI Class: Accident - Human
Weapon Class: Water
Agency URL: Click Here
On The Job: 18 years
Bio: Eric was born to a loving mother, Esther Marie Connell.

Eric was a veteran police officer serving over 18 years. During his time on the force, he received many awards for his bravery and exemplary behavior. He received the following awards and metals: Exemplary Service Award - 2003: A domestic disturbance call involving a fight between a father and his adult son evolved into a case of Officers Mumaw and Treadwell working closely together to prevent the son from killing himself. Once officers arrived, the 29-year-old man cut his wrists and told them he wanted to die. Both officers engaged in a lengthy dialogue with the man, and at one point had to convince him that charging the officers with the knife with the hope that they would shoot him was not an option. As a result of the officers' careful negotiations with the man, he dropped his knife and was subdued - eventually being taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation.

Chief's Coin - 2005 Chief's Coin - 2006 Chief's Coin - 2007

Department Commendation - 4/24/2007: Officer Mumaw was conducting surveillance at a gas station when he saw an SUV suddenly exit the parking lot. A man screamed that his vehicle had been stolen with his infant son still inside the SUV. Officer Mumaw pursued the stolen vehicle until it ran off the road. The suspect was arrested a short time later and the baby, unharmed, was reunited with his father.

Police Officer of the Month - May, 2010 Chief's Coin - 2010

Lifesaving Award - 4/27/2011: Responded to a call of a person armed with a sword attempting to kill his roommate with two fellow officers. As they responded they realized the victim was inside struggling with the suspect who was attempting to kill him. The officers quickly grabbed the suspect and wrestled the sword away from him, literally saving the victims life.

Chief's Coin - 2011 Chief's Coin - 2012 Chief's Coin - 2013

Department Commendation - 4/19/2013: Officer Mumaw's proactive police work undoubtedly saved lives when he stopped to check on a motorist he thought was broken down on Old Hickory Boulevard near an Interstate off- ramp. The driver, however, admitted she was planning to drive the wrong way onto the Interstate in order to end her own life. Officer Mumaw was able to stop this selfish act which could have proven fatal to innocent motorists and their families.

Survived by:
Esther - Mother
Fatal Incident Summary
Offender: Juli Glisson :: Caucasian / Female - 40 years old
Any charges pending

   Pic 1    
Location:   Metro Nashville, TN   USA   Thu. Feb. 02, 2017
Summary: Police Officer Eric Mumaw drowned in the Cumberland River while attempting to save a suicidal woman.

He and another officer had responded to the Peeler Park Greenway Trailhead after receiving reports that a woman in a vehicle was contemplating suicide. The officers located the vehicle and were attempting to speak to the woman when the car rolled down the boat ramp and into the river. As the officers attempted to pull the woman from the car they were both swept further into the river, which had a water temperature of 49-degrees.

A third officer followed them as they were swept down the river and entered the river to rescue Officer Mumaw but was unable to reach him due to the freezing temperatures. Officer Mumaw's body was recovered several hours later.

The woman escaped from the vehicle and was found on the river bank intoxicated. Charges are pending.

Source: Website      Click
Source: Website      Click
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