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New Hero Search Mark J. Baserman - Feb. 26, 2018 (29712)

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Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections Patch
Resided: Oakland PA, USA
Born: Aug. 21, 1957  
Fallen: Feb. 26, 2018
Race/Sex: Caucasian Male / 60 yrs. of age
Dept: Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections
1920 Technology Parkway  
Mechanicsburg, PA   17050   USA
County: Cumberland
Dept. Type: State/Corrections
Hero's Rank: Sergeant
Sworn Date: Unk
FBI Class: Homicide - Assault
Weapon Class: Hand
Agency URL: Click Here
On The Job: 11 years
Bio: Mark was a 1975 graduate of Greater Johnstown Vo-Tech High School. As a young man, he volunteered many years with the Oakland Volunteer Fire Company. Mark was a US Army Veteran stationed in Alaska. He was employed as an EMT for East Hills Ambulance Service for over 20 years; and in the State Correctional System most recently as Sergeant at SCI-Somerset. Mark enjoyed classic cars, The Three Stooges, John Candy movies and Get Smart. He was always ready for a good laugh, and to help others in their times of need. Mark loved his family, friends, pets, and his home.

Survived by:
Fatal Incident Summary
Offender: Paul Kendrick :: Caucasian / Male - 22 years old
   Pic 1    
Location:   Somerset, PA   USA   Mon. Feb. 26, 2018
Summary: Sergeant Mark Baserman succumbed to injuries sustained when he was attacked by an inmate at State Correctional Institute-Somerset on February 15th, 2018.

The inmate, who was serving a life sentence for first-degree murder, attacked Sergeant Baserman as he sat the officer's desk in a housing unit's day room. Earlier in the day, Sergeant Baserman had confiscated a towel being used by the inmate to obscure his bunk. The inmate punched Sergeant Baserman in the head numerous times then continued to kick him in the head after he fell to the ground.

Another officer who came to Sergeant Baserman's aid was also attacked before the inmate was subdued.

Sergeant Baserman was transported to a local hospital where he remained until succumbing to his injuries.

Source: Website      Click
Source: Website      Click
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