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New Hero Search Anthony Crawford Jones
- Feb. 12, 1992 -

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Dillingham AK Police Dept. Patch
Resided: AK, USA
Born: Jun. 15, 1955  
Fallen: Feb. 12, 1992
Race/Sex: Black Male / 36 yrs. of age
Dept: Dillingham Police Dept.
Dillingham, AK   USA
Dept. Type: Municipal/Police
Hero's Rank: Patrolman
Sworn Date: 1990
FBI Class: Homicide - Gun
Weapon Class: Firearm
Bio: Anthony ("Tony" or "Flip") Crawford Jones, 36, was born on June 15, 1955, in Salisbury, MD, to Hider and Betty White Jones. He was the second of three children (Jimmy, Robert, and Anthony). Anthony was raised in MD and at the age of 10 saw his 14-year-old brother, Robert, shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. He held his dying brother in his arms and tried to stem the flow of blood from the gun shot wound. His brother died later that night but his "dying words" to Anthony were to remind him they both had dreams of becoming police officers someday and that Anthony should fulfill that dream. Anthony later told friends that those words had a great impact on his later decision to become a police officer. Tony was raised in Salisbury, MD, and graduated from high school there in 1973. As a teenager he was involved with martial arts and earned his black belt. He served in the U.S. Army (and later in the National Guard) and served as a police officer in MD from 1977 to 1979. Anthony Jones moved to Haines, AK, in 1982 and worked at a fuel farm and then at a lumber mill. While living in Haines, "Tony" met Trudie Reichert of Haines and the couple married on March 8, 1985.

Jones was encouraged to enter police work in AK by Haines Officer Charlie Fannon. His desire to be a police officer was so strong that he paid his own way to attend the Police Academy at Sitka in 1989. Because there was no position available in Haines when he graduated in 1989, Jones and his wife, Trudie, moved to Dillingham where there was an opening on the force. Later, when Haines had a vacancy, Tony stuck with Dillingham as "he felt a sense of loyalty to the community that had given him a chance." Anthony Jones was a two-year veteran of the Dillingham force at the time of his death.

Anthony "Flip" Jones joined the Dillingham Police Dept. in 1990 and was a 2-year veteran of the Dept. at the time of his death. The Dillingham force had only six officers and Jones was "among the best liked." He was considered cheerful, gregarious and "slow to anger." Jones was known for his volunteer work with children and for his love of music. He was involved in "city league basketball" and was a karate instructor (he had a black belt in karate).

Survived by:
Trudie Jones - Wife

his daughter (from a previous marriage), Antoinette Renee Jones, 12, of Fruitland, MD; his parents, Hider Jones and Betty White Jones of Damesquarter, MD; his brother, Jimmy Roberts of Salisbury, MD; and his mother-in-law, JoAnne Beckwith of Haines.

Fatal Incident Summary
Offender: Eugene Maud
Location: AK   USA   Wed. Feb. 12, 1992
Summary: Officer Anthony Jones, 36, was shot and killed by a barricaded gunman in Dillingham on Feb. 12, 1992. He became the first and only officer killed in the history of the Dillingham Police Dept.

Around 1:00AM on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1992, Eugene Maud, 17, fired shots at a customer leaving a downtown bar leading to a 911 call of shots fired. Sgt. Lowell Crezee was the only officer on duty at the time and called for back-up after a cursory search of the area. Three off-duty officers (Terry Rogers, David Kirby, and Jones) were called back on duty to respond to the call. Jones had been at home watching TV and eating a pizza when he received the call and grabbed his gun and bulletproof vest as he rushed out of the house, armed but not in uniform.

At the scene the four officers heard additional gunfire and tried to determine where the shots were coming from. As Jones walked into the alley he spotted a broken rear window in Hildebrand's Hardware Store across from the bar and went to investigate. He was killed "instantly" by a single .22 caliber bullet to the head fired by Maud from inside the hardware store. Other officers were able to get Jones to an ambulance but he was pronounced dead at Kanakanak Hospital.

Maud had visited the hardware store earlier in the day and looked at several guns. He broke into the closed hardware store earlier that night (Feb. 11) and had assembled an arsenal of guns from inside the store. Police later impounded 15 of the store's guns (including six .22 caliber rifles, a .243 caliber rifle, two 30-30's, four 12 gauge shot guns and two 20 gauge shotguns) which had been loaded and fired by Maud. Police estimated that Maud, who was "an excellent hunter and shot," fired "hundreds" of shots while inside the store and his fire continued intermittently throughout the 14-hour siege. The troopers did not fire a shot (nor had the Dillingham police earlier fired into the store).

After shooting and killing Jones, Maud began to fire at other officers narrowly missing another officer (the bullet hit his cap). At 1:45PM the Dillingham police realized that it was not equipped to handle a barricaded gunman from inside a "fortress" and called Anchorage for help from the state trooper Special Emergency Response Team (SE.R.T.) which flew to Dillingham. The SE.R.T. team blocked the main road into town and asked the schools and businesses to stay closed to discourage traffic near the "danger area." The SE.R.T. team established telephone communications with Maud and talked with him several times over the 14-hour period of the "stand-off." The troopers issued a media blackout during the incident because they did not know how news of the events (i.e., Jones' death) over the radio would affect the young gunman.

Maud periodically threatened to commit suicide and to shoot anyone who tried to rush him. At one point he yelled, "This is war...you're going to die." At one point he tried to escape through the floor by "blasting the floor with shot guns" and left pry bars, a hammer and saw behind.

Maud was finally talked into surrendering at 3:47PM and walked out with his hands in the air thus ending the virtual "shutdown" of the town for 14 hours.

Police never established what "provoked" the shooting spree but noted that Maud was a "troubled child from a troubled family." It did appear that he had been drinking before he broke into the store and began shooting. Maud was taken to a hospital for treatment of a cut to his hand.

Disposition: Maud was prosecuted as an adult and pled no contest to first degree murder in Oct. of 1992 in a plea bargain in which the state dropped additional charges of attempted murder against other officers at the scene. Superior Court Judge James Hansen held a two-day sentencing hearing on May 3-4, 1993, at which several police officers and Jones' widow testified. The prosecution "painted a picture of Maud as being prejudiced against black people" (Officer Jones was black) and provided testimony that Maud asked after his arrest "how Jones was doing" and said he hoped Jones "wasn't doing good" because Jones was black and that "blacks had not been good to him."

Judge Hansen then sentenced Maud to 65 years in prison and noted that Maud was "very dangerous, but he is not a lunatic."

Source: Book       Excerpted in part or in whole from Dr. Wilbanks book-


By Dr. Wm. Wilbanks FL International University

To be published by Turner Publications in early 1999

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