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New Hero Search Larry Robert Carr
- Dec. 11, 1974 -

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Alaska State Police Dept. Patch
Resided: Kodiak AK, USA
Born: Nov. 10, 1951  
Fallen: Dec. 11, 1974
Race/Sex: Caucasian Male / 23 yrs. of age
Dept: Alaska State Troopers
5700 East Tudor Road  
Anchorage, AK   99507   USA
County: Anchorage Municipality
Dept. Type: State/Police
Hero's Rank: Trooper
Sworn Date: 1/1973
FBI Class: Accident - Police
Weapon Class: Aviation
Agency URL: Click Here
On The Job: 2 years
Bio: Larry Carr, 23, was born on Nov. 10, 1951, in Ft. Polk, LA, to John R. and Myrtle Carr. He was one of four children (Kay, John R., Larry and Paul Matthew). Larry was raised in Leesville, LA (near the TX border west of Alexandria) and graduated from Leesville H.S. in 1969 and from Northeast Louisiana University at Monroe, LA, in 1972 with a B.A. in Police Science. Carr first came to AK during the summer of 1971 while still in college and worked as a household mover for Kodiak Transfer. His brother, John Robert Carr, and sister, Kay Shockley, lived in Kodiak at that time. He then returned to LA to finish college.

Carr joined the AK State Troopers in Jan. of 1973 and graduated from the Academy in Sitka in March. He was transferred to Anchorage in Feb., 1974, and to Kodiak in June of 1974.

Survived by:
John R. Carr - Father

mother - Myrtle Carr of Leesville, LA, and by his siblings, John Richard Carr, 24, and Kay Shockley, 25, both of Kodiak, and Paul Matthew Carr, 18, of Leesville, LA

Fatal Incident Summary
Offender: none
Location: AK   USA   Wed. Dec. 11, 1974
Summary: AK State Troopers Larry Robert Carr, 23, and Frank Stuart Rodman, 25, were killed along with three other persons in an airplane crash on Dec. 11, 1974, as they were transporting the body of a drowning victim back to Kodiak on a commercial flight.

Around 4:30PM on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1974, Kodiak Western Airlines flight #91 from Old Harbor to Kodiak was reported missing. The flight left Old Harbor at 3:30PM and was scheduled to arrive in Kodiak at 4:00PM but had "disappeared" somewhere along the 50 miles between the two communities.

Kodiak Western Airlines had two scheduled flights a day from Old Harbor to Kodiak and the route was "across mountainous terrain, generally through one of the passes, both of which run in almost a direct line from the village to the city of Kodiak." However, in bad weather, the pilot would routinely "follow the beach around the outside" of the mountains.

The missing plane, a "twin-engined amphibious Grumman Goose," carried the pilot, Bob Hall, and four passengers, AK State Troopers Larry Robert Carr and Frank Rodman, and Judy Woodruff, 29, and Jan Morris. The two women lived at Old Harbor and were the wives of employees of SONJA, a seafood processing plant in Old Harbor, and were on their way to Kodiak to do some Christmas shopping. Hall, of Kodiak, was the son of Robert Hall, the founder and president of Kodiak Western Airlines. Both troopers were stationed in Kodiak. Troopers Carr and Rodman were returning to Kodiak from Old Harbor where they had investigated an accident involving Alex Inga, Sr., and his son, Alex, Jr. The father and son had been reported missing on a hunting trip to Sitkalidak Island and both had apparently drowned when their boat overturned. The body of the senior Inga was found and the two troopers were transporting the body back to Kodiak. Hall had radioed that he was only ten minutes out from Kodiak when the plane disappeared.

An intensive search involving several planes and ground rescue parties on snowmobiles was made for several days along the "rugged coastal mountain terrain separating Old Harbor and Kodiak." The rescue operation was hampered by snow and fog with "visibility near zero." The search was co-ordinated by the Coast Guard in Kodiak and involved three planes from Kodiak Western as well as planes from the Coast Guard and other agencies. The ground crew concentrated on searching the pass near Saltery Cove and Saltery Pass.

The body of Woodruff was found on Dec. 13 and that of Morris on Dec. 14. Both were found on the water, "clad in 'May West' type jackets" about five miles offshore about 10 miles north of Ugak Island near Cape Chiniak. The bodies of the pilot and the two troopers were never found. It appears that the plane went down in the ocean and sank.

The Kodiak Mirror noted that the five-person fatal accident marked the "end of a noteworthy safety record in aviation history" as the recently merged airline (Kodiak Airways with Western Alaska Airlines) had a total of over 50 years of scheduled operations prior to the merger with only one fatality. Previous to the merger Kodiak Airways had provided air carrier services to the rugged Kodiak Islands region while Western Alaska Airlines had served the remote Bristol Bay region.

The merged airline served a "significant portion of Alaska's bush population" in "some of the worse climatic conditions in North America." It was the "only scheduled public transportation within the regions served." The merged airline operated 30 Grumman Amphibious twin-engined aircraft that operated with "only visual flight capabilities" since there were no Federal Aviation Administration navigational aids or "improved airports" on any of the carrier's routes. Most of the flights were "to villages having no airport or improved landing areas," and landings were made on the water "or other natural areas."

Source: Book       Excerpted in part or in whole from Dr. Wilbanks book-


By Dr. Wm. Wilbanks FL International University

To be published by Turner Publications in early 1999

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