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Aug. 11, 2022 1:39 AM
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Today In History
This day - Aug. 11 - in history, 61 Heroes Have Fallen
View August 11 Ayers, Willard Rufus OK Wed 08/11/1880 Willard Ayers
View August 11 Cranston, Edgar A. MI Fri 08/11/1899 Edgar Cranston
View August 11 Winningder, William S. VA Tue 08/11/1908 William Winningder
View August 11 Vreeland, Daniel MI Fri 08/11/1911 Daniel Vreeland
View August 11 Baldwin, Michael KY Fri 08/11/1911 Michael Baldwin
View August 11 Booth, James L. WV Fri 08/11/1911 James Booth
View August 11 Cook, Frank J. Michigan Fri 08/11/1911 Frank Cook
View August 11 McCory, Ulysses Grant IN Tue 08/11/1914 Ulysses McCory
View August 11 Lee, James Otway TX Tue 08/11/1914 James Lee
View August 11 Moore, Vincent J. PA Fri 08/11/1916 Vincent Moore
View August 11 Williams, Franklin Leland GA Sun 08/11/1918 Franklin Williams
View August 11 Mull, Walter L. OK Sun 08/11/1918 Walter Mull
View August 11 Farley, Will WV Mon 08/11/1919 Will Farley
View August 11 Klump, Lawrence M. OH Sat 08/11/1923 Lawrence Klump
View August 11 Phillips, Dexter Clayton TX Sat 08/11/1923 Dexter Phillips
View August 11 West, James O. KY Tue 08/11/1925 James West
View August 11 Dooley, Jamie AR Wed 08/11/1926 Jamie Dooley
View August 11 Singer, John M. NY Wed 08/11/1926 John Singer
View August 11 Lamby, Victor A. FL Thu 08/11/1927 Victor Lamby
View August 11 Zimmerman, Arthur Alvin NY Sun 08/11/1929 Arthur Zimmerman
View August 11 Johnson, Joseph E. VA Mon 08/11/1930 Joseph Johnson
View August 11 Thompson, William S. TN Tue 08/11/1931 William Thompson
View August 11 Keim, Edward OH Thu 08/11/1932 Edward Keim
View August 11 Alexander, D. C. GA Sat 08/11/1934 D. Alexander
View August 11 Schanbaum, Robert IL Sat 08/11/1934 Robert Schanbaum
View August 11 Godwin Jr, John Delaney TX Sun 08/11/1935 John Godwin Jr
View August 11 Fish, Erskine G. CA Sun 08/11/1935 Erskine Fish
View August 11 McBreen, Joseph P. NY Wed 08/11/1937 Joseph McBreen
View August 11 Astel, Isadore NY Wed 08/11/1937 Isadore Astel
View August 11 Bosworth, John NY Wed 08/11/1937 John Bosworth
View August 11 Tillis, Fred Lamar FL Tue 08/11/1942 Fred Tillis
View August 11 Doughty, Charles Nelson VA Sun 08/11/1946 Charles Doughty
View August 11 Tyler, William Arman PA Mon 08/11/1947 William Tyler
View August 11 Mascari, Frank J. NY Wed 08/11/1948 Frank Mascari
View August 11 Connelly, George NY Thu 08/11/1949 George Connelly
View August 11 Salazar, Clemente NM Fri 08/11/1950 Clemente Salazar
View August 11 Messer, Raymond CA Sat 08/11/1951 Raymond Messer
View August 11 Walker, Benson J. LA Mon 08/11/1952 Benson Walker
View August 11 Jones, David Arron TX Thu 08/11/1960 David Jones
View August 11 Parr, James W. FL Thu 08/11/1966 James Parr
View August 11 Kennie, Perley C. ME Thu 08/11/1966 Perley Kennie
View August 11 Gibbs, Samual W. TN Thu 08/11/1966 Samual Gibbs
View August 11 Mantoth, William Terrell CA Sun 08/11/1968 William Mantoth
View August 11 Mulder, Jan OH Tue 08/11/1970 Jan Mulder
View August 11 Hensley, Stephen Dale CO Sat 08/11/1973 Stephen Hensley
View August 11 Whitten, Bobby GA Sun 08/11/1974 Bobby Whitten
View August 11 Bernard Smith, Michael Joseph OH Wed 08/11/1976 Michael Bernard Smith
View August 11 Brown, Roger Lee OH Wed 08/11/1976 Roger Brown
View August 11 Van Meter, David L. KS Thu 08/11/1977 David Van Meter
View August 11 Yaros, George IN Tue 08/11/1981 George Yaros
View August 11 Spicer Jr., Leo TX Wed 08/11/1982 Leo Spicer Jr.
View August 11 Preston, Ricardo Michael DC Thu 08/11/1988 Ricardo Preston
View August 11 Wehrli, Emil Richard DC Thu 08/11/1988 Emil Wehrli
View August 11 Lennon, Allen Bernard NC Tue 08/11/1992 Allen Lennon
View August 11 Ortiz-Ocasio, Norberto PR Wed 08/11/1993 Norberto Ortiz-Ocasio
View August 11 Magan, Richard George MA Fri 08/11/2000 Richard Magan
View August 11 Stewart, Scott T MI Sun 08/11/2002 Scott Stewart
View August 11 Hutchison, Trey Michael LA Wed 08/11/2004 Trey Hutchison
View August 11 Ortega, Francis Manuel GA Thu 08/11/2005 Francis Ortega
View August 11 Howe, Michael Patrick MD Mon 08/11/2008 Michael Howe
View August 11 Lasso, Robert Allen PA Thu 08/11/2011 Robert Lasso









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Pales, Jr/2021
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