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This day - Jul. 16 - in history, 75 Heroes Have Fallen
View July 16 Manchester, Gideon MA Fri 07/16/1852 Gideon Manchester
View July 16 Gilbert, Clinton NY Sun 07/16/1871 Clinton Gilbert
View July 16 Morgan, John T. TX Wed 07/16/1884 John Morgan
View July 16 Hallaran, William IL Sat 07/16/1887 William Hallaran
View July 16 Phillips, John C. CO Tue 07/16/1889 John Phillips
View July 16 Roese, Henry OH Wed 07/16/1890 Henry Roese
View July 16 Osborn, Thomas Jefferson VA Tue 07/16/1895 Thomas Osborn
View July 16 Farr, Edward CO Sun 07/16/1899 Edward Farr
View July 16 Jarrett, Richard MO Mon 07/16/1900 Richard Jarrett
View July 16 Fuller, James W. MA Tue 07/16/1901 James Fuller
View July 16 Sheridan, John J. NY Wed 07/16/1902 John Sheridan
View July 16 Nickerson, Ziba H. MA Thu 07/16/1908 Ziba Nickerson
View July 16 Atwood, Charles F. MA Thu 07/16/1908 Charles Atwood
View July 16 Birns, Stanley J. IL Thu 07/16/1914 Stanley Birns
View July 16 Colon, Juan A. PR Thu 07/16/1914 Juan Colon
View July 16 Burke, Francis A. LA Fri 07/16/1915 Francis Burke
View July 16 Duffy, James J. SC Sun 07/16/1916 James Duffy
View July 16 Lowry, James AZ Tue 07/16/1918 James Lowry
View July 16 Ryan, Patrick J. NJ Wed 07/16/1919 Patrick Ryan
View July 16 Grey, Ernest OH Wed 07/16/1919 Ernest Grey
View July 16 Roper, Oscar T. TN Wed 07/16/1919 Oscar Roper
View July 16 Webb, Edward Perry KY Fri 07/16/1920 Edward Webb
View July 16 Lambert, James A. PA Sun 07/16/1922 James Lambert
View July 16 Casey, J. Walter AR Mon 07/16/1923 J. Casey
View July 16 Schmiegel, John MI Wed 07/16/1924 John Schmiegel
View July 16 Williams, James A. IL Wed 07/16/1924 James Williams
View July 16 Giles, Hence C. AR Fri 07/16/1926 Hence Giles
View July 16 Hart, Major A. NY Sat 07/16/1927 Major Hart
View July 16 Bates, Patrick Hagans KY Sat 07/16/1927 Patrick Bates
View July 16 Geerts, Bernard Herman IA Mon 07/16/1928 Bernard Geerts
View July 16 McKenzie, W. Locke NC Thu 07/16/1931 W. McKenzie
View July 16 Berg, William A. WI Thu 07/16/1931 William Berg
View July 16 Mashburn, Walter J. TN Sat 07/16/1932 Walter Mashburn
View July 16 Leonard, Bernard F. NM Sun 07/16/1933 Bernard Leonard
View July 16 Jones, Thomas W. NM Sun 07/16/1933 Thomas Jones
View July 16 Hull, Abner PA Thu 07/16/1936 Abner Hull
View July 16 Mankin, Paul IN Thu 07/16/1936 Paul Mankin
View July 16 Ellis, Lucas Leon TN Fri 07/16/1937 Lucas Ellis
View July 16 Bennett Jeffreys, Allen Henry WV Sun 07/16/1939 Allen Bennett Jeffreys
View July 16 Kennedy, Marshall C. TX Wed 07/16/1941 Marshall Kennedy
View July 16 Stallings, William Jim GA Sun 07/16/1944 William Stallings
View July 16 O'Donnell, Cornelius A. NJ Mon 07/16/1945 Cornelius O'Donnell
View July 16 Kennedy, Henry Dow NC Tue 07/16/1946 Henry Kennedy
View July 16 Cravatt, Benjamin F. OK Fri 07/16/1954 Benjamin Cravatt
View July 16 Jurgens, William Hans IA Wed 07/16/1958 William Jurgens
View July 16 Smerdel, Edward H. CO Sun 07/16/1961 Edward Smerdel
View July 16 Kleinwaechter, Emil R. OH Mon 07/16/1962 Emil Kleinwaechter
View July 16 Woodland, D. Platt ID Thu 07/16/1964 D. Woodland
View July 16 Puckett Sr., Johnny Farrell GA Sat 07/16/1966 Johnny Puckett Sr.
View July 16 Burnette III, George Clifford GA Sat 07/16/1966 George Burnette III
View July 16 Gleason Jr., John Vincent NJ Sun 07/16/1967 John Gleason Jr.
View July 16 Woods, Richard G. CA Wed 07/16/1969 Richard Woods
View July 16 Barto, Raymond IL Thu 07/16/1970 Raymond Barto
View July 16 Harl, Gary Dwaine TX Wed 07/16/1975 Gary Harl
View July 16 Hall, Ward W. AZ Mon 07/16/1979 Ward Hall
View July 16 Farrow, Walter W. MO Mon 07/16/1979 Walter Farrow
View July 16 Jensen, Gordon Alex TX Wed 07/16/1980 Gordon Jensen
View July 16 Hustus, Lauriston F. FL Wed 07/16/1980 Lauriston Hustus
View July 16 Feld, Phillip Samuel AL Wed 07/16/1980 Phillip Feld
View July 16 Davis, Ernest W. PA Wed 07/16/1980 Ernest Davis
View July 16 Mayer, Steven W. IL Sat 07/16/1983 Steven Mayer
View July 16 Whittington, Timothy Wayne NC Tue 07/16/1985 Timothy Whittington
View July 16 Scheu, George NY Thu 07/16/1987 George Scheu
View July 16 Hurd, Kimberly Ann FL Thu 07/16/1992 Kimberly Hurd
View July 16 Motley, Daniel AL Fri 07/16/1993 Daniel Motley
View July 16 Klug, Luther Frederick MN Tue 07/16/1996 Luther Klug
View July 16 Stephenson, Michael Donell GA Wed 07/16/1997 Michael Stephenson
View July 16 Deuter, David Anthony IN Thu 07/16/1998 David Deuter
View July 16 Brummitt, John Richard MO Fri 07/16/1999 John Brummitt
View July 16 White, Joseph E. NC Sun 07/16/2000 Joseph White
View July 16 Caddy, Steven Vance OR Wed 07/16/2003 Steven Caddy
View July 16 Brooks, Richard L. NY Fri 07/16/2004 Richard Brooks
View July 16 Brooks, Richard L. NY Fri 07/16/2004 Richard Brooks
View July 16 Fisher, Owen David MI Sat 07/16/2005 Owen Fisher
View July 16 Harris Sr., Joseph Anthony NM Thu 07/16/2009 Joseph Harris Sr.








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