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Nov. 30, 2023 4:17 PM
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There are 193 tributes on the Wall of Tributes.
Here are tributes 1 thru 20
Personal Tribute [13886]On 07/26/20 at 7:43 am S writes . . .

Hero Pic
  Think about you a lot. Miss you and your smile that lit up a room. My you continue to keep watch over us. Forever grateful to have met you.

Personal Tribute [13885]On 05/11/20 at 6:21 pm Kevin writes . . .

Hero Pic
  I can't believe it has been over 20 years since this happened. I still miss you. I value our friendship and enjoyed working alongside you. My heart is with you and your family.

Personal Tribute [13884]On 03/31/20 at 8:44 pm Andrea writes . . .

Hero Pic
  Please accept my condolences for your loss. Your husband was a very brave man and my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Personal Tribute [13883]On 03/06/20 at 12:26 pm Lynn writes . . .

Hero Pic
  Forever in our hearts. Taken far too soon.

Personal Tribute [13882]On 05/08/17 at 6:02 am Kevin writes . . .

Hero Pic
  Rest in peace and may your family find peace in the fact you served with such honor. You will never be forgotten.

Personal Tribute [13881]On 11/10/16 at 9:54 pm JasonBock writes . . .

Hero Pic
  Jessica It's hard to believe you've been gone since 2002. I remember you so well at Ferris. So sweet and kind. We're still thinking of you in 2016. God bless you.

Personal Tribute [13876]On 05/28/15 at 3:26 am Theresa writes . . .

Hero Pic


Personal Tribute [13874]On 12/27/14 at 2:16 pm Keith writes . . .

Hero Pic
  I salute NYPD officers as well as all law enforcement officers across this nation. I lost a personal friend in NYPD Detective Bobby Parker in Sept 2004. I still grieve. People in this nation are so clueless as to the great job cops in this country do every single day. Out of the many many millions of interactions 7 days a week that take place between our cops and the public we should all be proud of the professionalism by which these men and women conduct themselves every day. Wake Up American Public. Thank a cop the next time you see one

Personal Tribute [13873]On 12/21/14 at 8:11 am Robert writes . . .

Hero Pic
  Rest in peace brother. Your death will not be in vein. Your brothers and sisters in Boston will never forget your sacrifice.

[13856]On 07/26/14 at 2:29 pm Rhonda writes . . .
   I miss you so much You were such a wonderful person and such a good friend.

Personal Tribute [13855]On 07/01/14 at 2:12 pm James writes . . .

Hero Pic
  I have had the chence to work hand and hand with your son and have become very good friends over the years. To see your name and know that his name comes from your what can I say. It lets me know that he has grown to represernt that name your name well. Be proud of him watch over him and be assured that he is and will stand tall. Thank you for you service and know that your sacrifice with never be forgotten.

Personal Tribute [13854]On 06/09/14 at 5:02 pm Gordon writes . . .

Hero Pic
  My heart bleeds a million tears for all the fallen Officers. Your friend Dawn. This was sent for one of my clients Dawn Garrett

Personal Tribute [13852]On 05/14/14 at 9:46 pm Fred writes . . .

Hero Pic
  You wil be sadly missed. I am glad I got to serve with you my brother.

Personal Tribute [13792]On 11/02/13 at 4:18 pm Colleen writes . . .

Hero Pic
  I was so saddened when I heard about this tragic accident. Words cannot express how sorry I am that this young productive member of society was taken at such a young age. May God keep him and his canine friend close and comfort you during this painful time. Let love and light guide the way.

Personal Tribute [13789]On 10/26/13 at 11:11 pm Diana writes . . .

Hero Pic
  Its hard to be leave how time has gone by. It will soon be 4 year since you was taken away from us. You are very will missed everyday of our life. We will forever you next to our hearts. I love you and miss you dearly.

Personal Tribute [13759]On 03/12/13 at 8:43 am Jim writes . . .

Hero Pic
  R.I.P. Emilio . . . . . . . . .

[13566]On 03/18/05 at 10:37 am Joe writes . . .
  My father was killed in the line of duty a couple of months ago. My family and I appreciate your section dedicated to my father and it is reassuring to us that he will never be forgotten. Thank you very much.

[13567]On 03/01/05 at 8:48 pm Gary writes . . .
  I want to thank all Peace Officers around the country for preserving,and upholding the rights and freedoms we all sometimes take lightheartedly. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones who have lost theirs in the line of duty.They truly are heros to be honored.

Personal Tribute [13568]On 12/09/04 at 11:56 am Rita writes . . .

Hero Pic
  16 months ago today, we lost a brother, comrade and friend. Our hearts go out to the family of Tpr. Kevin M. Marshall. We will prevail but we will NEVER forget.

[13570]On 11/22/04 at 1:36 pm Deputy Shane writes . . .
  Do you post press releases on your website for programs that are available to law enforcement officers free of charge. We offer a free felonious assault line of duty death benefit. Thank you, June Mellon








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